FDM International Congress 2020 in Japan

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  ☆開催日時及び会場 Dates and place

  Dates: November 1, 2, 3, 2020

  場所:CIVI研修センター 新大阪東
  Place: CIVI Kenshu Center Shin-Osaka Higashi
  〒533-0033 大阪市東淀川区東中島1丁目19番4号
  1-19-4 Higashi-nakajima, Higashi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  新大阪NLCビル5F E5ホール
  Shin-Osaka NLC Bldg. 5F E5 Hall

  ☆参加費 Admission fee

参加費はこちら Admission Fee Table PDF →   

  The due date for the early application fee is February 29, 2020.

  ☆参加資格 Entry qualifications

  Entrants must follow FDMGO regulations.
  (Please ask the FDM associations in your regions, EFDMA, AFDMA, or AFDMS.)

  ☆学会日程 Schedule

  初日  (First day) 発表 Presentations
  2日目  (Second day) 発表 Presentations
  3日目  (Third day) 特別講演 Special Lectures and Workshops

  updated: Sep 1st, 2019
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under construction

  ☆発表者及び発表内容 Presenters and topics

  FDMアジアン アソシエイションでは、本学会発表者を募集しております。
  FDM Asian Association is recruiting presenters for the Congress.
  Please inform your association if you would like to be considered.

  Contents of a Presentation: Clinical study or report about FDM, etc.
  発表時間:20分 (いくつかの発表は25分、30分となります。)
  Presentation Time: 20min. (in some cases 25 or 30min.)
  Screening of Abstracts: Regional FDM Associations will decide which abstracts
  are selected for presentation.

  Abstract Submission Deadline: Marrch 31, 2020
  Please note that, this is not the deadline for submitting your abstract to
  your regional FDM association for screening but only for the final submissions
  which have been approved. Please consult with your regional association for
  regional deadlines.

  Presentation Language: Japanese or English

  Presenters and their topics will be listed on the program.
  Contents will be updated when additions are made.

  updated: Sep 1st 2019
詳細はこちら Program PDF →   
under construction

Speakers and topics of special lectures and workshops

  Special lecturers and their workshops are listed in the program.
  The program will be updated as additions are made.

  ☆国際交流親善旅行 Round trip

  We are planning a round trip. We will post updetes as soon as plans are ready.
  Please take a look at the PDF below.

  updated: Aug 2nd, 2019
詳細はこちら Round Trip Info. PDF →   

  ☆Hotel Information

  Hotel information can be found here. Unfortunately, we can’t book hotels for you.
  Please check this webpage and book your hotels individually.

Hotel Information Webpage →   

申し込みフォームはこちら Let's sign up!  Here     

FDMとは? FDMの歴史 入会のご案内(PDF) 施術院紹介
書籍案内 セミナー案内 FDM学習カリキュラム 入会お問い合わせ

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